Port Equipment & Parts

Beatific Brand Management Port Equipment covers a whole range of products providing purpose-planned solutions for all kinds of cargo handling. Latest technologies and top quality standards guarantee maximum performance and equipment availability.

BBM Port Equipment is able to take complete care of your terminal equipment. We are working in close cooperation with our customer to find the best solutions for their service, modernization and repair needs. This can be done either on an on demand basis or scheduled via Service agreements.


Street Electric Hoists

The Street Crane range of LX chain hoists, ZX wire rope hoists and VX open winch wire rope hoists combines the very best of modern design with high performance and low cost of ownership. From 0.25t to 200t capacity, Street produce one of the world’s most comprehensive range of advanced electric wire rope hoists which are at the heart of every Street crane.

Street electric hoists are also used worldwide by a network of independent crane makers and Street approved distributors. Tried and tested over many years in arduous industrial applications Street electric wire rope hoists are available in a variety of configurations

NEP Generator

NEP is internationally recognized as a leading British Manufacturer and supplier power generators and spare parts. NEP supplies Perkins, MTU, Volvo and Cummins diesel power generators 50Hz and 60 Hz with power outputs from 5KVA to 3500KVA, whether opensets or enclosed in canopies.



HItach Air Compressor

Hitachi has continued to develop more advanced, reliable, industry-related air compressors that meet the specific performance needs in our customers’ industries. An air compressor converts power into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurising air. The compressed air is used in many industries and can be used in production equipment, air tools and air cylinders.


CHL Forklift

As a leading enterprise in the forklift industry, AFG always strives to be the best materials handling equipment supplier in China and fulfill the development mission “ World Top 5 Forklift Enterprise, Century-Old HELI”.

As a partner CHL provide us after sale technical support and our service engineer is trained by CHL .


Sinkobe Forklift

Sinkobe is a Japanese forklifts manufacture company. As a partner Sinkobe provide us after sale technical support. also our service engineer is trained by Sinkobe.